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About This Site

The idea for Yarn Help! started in early 2022 when Liz was recoding a metric conversion app from a Brad Traversy codepen to include some accessibilty features. She realized that with some tweaks it could be adapted to answer a question she's often asked "How many balls of yarn should someone buy for a gift or to make a particular type of project."

As a hobbist knitwear designer, Liz often has to calculate how many balls of particular yarn she needs to make a project with a custom pattern. So it's useful for experienced knitters and crocheters as well as those wanting to gift yarn.

Version 1 and 2

In fall, 2022 she combined that logic with a metric convertor design from Scrimba to make version 1.0. Finally on March 17, 2023, Liz built out that logic into a mulitpage, mobile first design that calculated the number of balls of yarn needed for both knitting and crocheting multiple different projects including 6 different sizes of sweaters, and multiple sizes of scarfs and blankets using worsted (medium) weight (thickness) yarn.

About the Developer

Elizabeth (Liz) McCready is a frontend developer based in Toronto, Ontario. She's been knitting since her Nana taught her when she was six. Liz is active in the local and international developer community including with: Toronto Javascript, Women Who Code, Refactor, and James Q. Quick's "Learn, Build, Teach" discord. She has three rescue cats.



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