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Crafting and Code Coffee Chats

What are Crafting and Code Coffee Chats?

They are biweekly online meetups on Discord for web and software developers who also do any type of crafts.

What's the vibe?

They're a social, relaxed way to unwind, meet other developers, and share your love of any type of crafting or art.

What types of crafts count? Is it only knitting and crochet?

Any kind of crafting is awesome!): knitting, crochet, weaving, cross stitch, woodworking, scrapbooking, sewing, drawing, or anything else crafty or artsy!

Sunday 1pm EDT

Every other Sunday at 1pm EDT ☕ The day and time for the monthly Crafting and Code Coffee Chats has changed to every other Sunday at:

  • 1pm EDT (Toronto/NYC)
  • 6pm BST (UK)
  • 10am PST (Vancouver/California)
This will allow more people to become a part of the community!


  • Sunday May 28th
  • Sunday, June 11th
  • Sunday, June 25th
  • Sunday, July 9th - Live from the Toronoto Zoo!
  • Sunday, July 23rd
  • Sunday, August 6th
  • Sunday, August 20th