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Yarn Help!

Help with Yarn Math for Knitters, Crocheters,
and the Wonderful People Who Gift Us Yarn.

“Knitting is, at its fundamentals, a binary code featuring top-down design, standardized submodules, and recursive logic that relies on ratios, mathematical principles, and an intuitive grasp of three-dimensional geometry.”
~ Kim Salazar on Knit List

3.0 Version - Is Being Built in Public

This updated design and "DRYer" Javascript code is being built in public. Every day that I work on it, the updates will be deployed live. Note that I tend to use really bright colours like red and green for css testing purposes. That currently includes the links for this site. Take a look at the code here: GitHub repo for Yarn Help 3.0

For the 2.0 version which has caluculations for worsted 04 weight (thickness) yarn for sweaters, scarfs, and blankets for both knit and crochet please visit https://yarnhelp2.netlify.app

Welcome to YarnHelp! This is a site for knitters and crocheters of all levels who want yarn math help, as well as their friends and family that just want to know "how much yarn" to give them as a gift.

It's also the home for Crafting and Code Coffee Chats Right now (May, 2023) the focus is on building out How Much Yarn and the Crafting and Code Coffee Chats. Later on, you'll find yarn math help and tools for:

  • Calculating gauge
  • How many stitches to cast on for sweaters, socks, hats, and other projects
  • Weight equivlents for holding yarn double
  • Needle and hook size convertors
  • French language versions of some of the pages

Yarn Help 2.0


How Much Yarn?

Helps non-knitters quickly figure out how much yarn to buy for their family members and friends who are knitters - without spending hours learning about yarn. Currently version works for 4 different weights of yarn for knit and crocheted sweaters, and knit scarfs.

Crafting and Code Coffee Chats

Biweekly social online meetups on Discord for web and software developers who also do any type of crafts.

Doctor Who Scarf

Calculates how many balls of yarn needed for a season 12 Doctor Who Scarf. Home of the future knitting pattern generator.

Binary Code Secrete Message Generator

Converts text to binary code then to a knitting pattern so you can have a secret message in your knitting!

Developer Information

I’m Liz McCready (aka Ginger Kiwi).

I'm a frontend developer with a passion for design and accessibilty. In my former career I was a special educator and adaptive technology specialist.