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Binary Code Secret Message Generator

Converts text to binary code then to a knitting pattern so you can have a secret message in your knitting!

Binary Secret Message Knitting Pattern Creator

Note: This page is in development, so the app isn't working yet.

Type your secret message in the text box below. Then tap or click on the "Create Pattern" button. Your message will be displayed below.

Each letter or space is represented by 8 stitches. Make sure that your project is wide enough to fit the secret message. For example the words: "Hello World" have 11 characters (5 letters + 1 space + 5 letters), so your project needs to be at least 88 stitches wide (11 characters x 8 stitches per character).

Secret Message!

Your Message Text

You wrote:.

Binary Code

Your message in binary code:

Knitting Pattern

Your message as a written knit and purl knitting pattern:

Knitting Chart

The shaded squares can be knit stiches or your main colour. The blank squares can be purl stitches or your contrasting colour

Your message as a written knitting chart: .

Developer Note: This needs to be a graph of rectangles with a ratio of 4:5 (height:width). A darker line every 8 stitches to demarcate each byte/character.